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Species: Aporrhais Scaldensis


Original Description by van Regteren Altena, 1954, p. 48:

Locus typicus: Reek (boring, depth between 14 and 31,80 m), North-Brabant Province, The Netherlands

Stratum typicum: "Scaldisian", Pliocene

Types: "Haarlem, Geologische Stichting, afdeling Geologische Dienst: Holotype, from a depth of between 14 and 31,80 m in a boring at Reek, province of Noord-Brabant. Paratypes, 18 specimens recorded by BEETS under the above mentioned name from the following localities: Oss (6), Reek 24 (5), Dorst 84 (1), Dorst 85 (1), Vlissingen 67-73 (4), Kouderke (1). Other specimens labelled by BEETS appear to be either too badly preserved for their identity to be certain, or they belong to A. pespelicani (L.). Haarlem, Teyler Museum: Paratypes, 4 specimens from Kruisschans near Antwerp. Leiden, Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie: Paratypes, Domburg, beach, 1 specimen; Ritthem, beach, 6 specimens; Westerschelde, 19 paratypes."

Van Regteren Altena, 1954, p. 48:

Van Regteren Altena, 1954, p. 48 cited:

Specimens from private collections

Aporrhais scaldensis van Regteren Altena, 1954; Pliocene; Kallo near Antwerp, Flemish Region, Belgium; Coll. Ger Cremers


Aporrhaidae, Aporrhais, Piacenzian, Zanclean, Pliocene, Netherlands
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