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Species: Macilentos Macilentus


Original Description of Rimella macilenta by White, 1889:

Locus typicus: About two 2 miles northward from New Indria, Fresno County, California, USA

Stratum typicum: Eocene

Rimella macilenta (White, 1889); Holotype; Coll. no. UCB 40142/33633; Photo Ron Voskuil

Macilentos macilentus (White, 1889); Paratype of Rimella macilenta White, 1889. 32,3 mm; LACM coll. no. 393.01, ex CAS 769; CAS locality 393: “Chico group about 2 miles northward from New Idria, Fresno County, California, USA where it was collected by Mr. Turner and myself.” (Clark & Palmer, 1923: 281, citing original description by White); Photo Ron Voskuil.

Rimella macilenta oregonensis Turner, 1938; Paratype; Coll. no. A662/33634; Photo Ron Voskuil

Macilentos macilentus (White, 1889); Llajas Formation, Domengine Stage, upper lower Eocene; North side of Simi Valley, Santa Susana Mountains, Ventura County, southern California, USA; Collected by Richard Squires, 1979; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Rimellidae, Macilentos, Holotype, Paratype, Eocene, USA
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