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Species: Peruchilus Culberti


Original Description of Peruchilus culberti by Olsson, 1931, p. 187 (90):

Dimensions: "Height 27mm.; greater diameter 30mm.; vertical length of lip 24mm."

Etymology: "The species is named for Mr. V. Culbert, Geologist who collected most of the Bowl sandstone specimens in 1922."

Peruchilus culberti Olsson, 1931, pl. 14 (25), fig. 8, 12, 13

Locality and Geologic Occurrence: "Chira formation, north of Casa Saman. Mancora formation, Bowl sandstones about 2 miles northeast of Sullana."

Comment Olsson, 1931, p. 187 (90):

Peruchilus cf. culberti Olsson, 1931; Otuma Formation, Oligocene; Paracas, Ica Region, Peru; Coll. Tom DeVries; Copyright Tom DeVries

Comment by Tom DeVries:


Aporrhaidae, Peruchilus, Oligocene, Peru
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