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  • Museum der Natur Gotha

from their collection

Pterocera multipes Schmidt, 1827 [manuscript name, not available], exColl. Milbert, Coll. Museum der Natur Gotha MNG 4934 [subsequently added no. 11054?]

Pterocera novempeda Schmidt, 1827 [Manuscript name, not available], exColl. Schröter, Coll. Museum der Natur Gotha, MNG 4927


  • Kronenberg, G.C. & Wieneke, U. 2020. Röding’s Stromboidea (Caenogastropoda): the remains of the Bolten collection in the Museum der Natur Gotha (Germany), a critical review of Röding’s taxa, and notes on the Schmidt catalogue. Basteria 84 (1-3): 85-126.
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