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Species / Family

Original Diagnosis of Strombia by Rafinesque, 1815, p. 145:

  • "18. Famille. Canalifera. Les Canaliferes. Coquille à bouche canaliculée.
    • "1. S.F. ...."
    • "2. S.F. Strombia, Les Strombiens. Bord de la base ou bouche, dilaté en aile laterale. G.: 13. Strombus L. 14. Pterocera Lam. 17. Rostellaria Lam."

In Stromboidea you have the following fossil and recent families:

In the literature are a lot of Species defined, which cannot be placed into one of the above families, mostly because of the bad preservation of the originals. Also synonyms of Stromboidean shells are treated here.

Often you can find fragments of shell, which cannot be assigned to a genus or a species. You can find them here.

Ancestors of the Stromboidea are under discussion.


  • The families, that are used, are not always well founded. So any discussion on improving that situation would be helpful.


  • Strombiformes
  • Rostellariacea Delpey, 1941

History and Synonymy


Bouvier, 1887 describes soft part of Stromboideans


  • Bouvier, E.L. 1887. Systeme nerveux morphologie générale et classification des gastéropodes prosobranches; Annales de Sciences Naturelles, Zoologie 3(1):1-510, pls. 1-19, Fulltext
  • Chadwick, H. 1899. An attempt to define the natural groups of Strombus, The Nautilus, XIII(7), 76-78, XIII(8) 93-96
  • Latiolais 2003
  • V. Liverani (2013). The Superfamily Stromboidea: Addenda and Corrigenda, Supplement I in Poppe, Groh & Renker, A Conchological Iconography, Harxheim, 1-54, pls 131-164.
  • L. Staadt, 1908. Causes d’erreur dans la détermination des Alatacea. Bulletin de la Société d’Etudes des Sciences naturelles de Reims, 1908 :50-56.
  • About Stromboidea Classification, see Wenz 1938.
  • About Strombidae, Seraphidae and Rostellariidae, see Kreipl 1999.
  • Long list of stromboidean species and references, see Roy 1994.

Higher Classification

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