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Species / Tylostomatidae


  • Tylostomatidae Stoliczka, 1868

Genera of Tylostomatidae:

History and Synonymy

Tylostomatidae Stoliczka, 1868

  • Tylostomidae Pchelintsev, 1951


Kollmann, 2009, p. 58:

  • "In his cladogram, Bandel (2007) indicates a connection between Harpagodes Gill and the Tylostomatidae Stoliczka, 1868. The Tylostomatidae comprise the genera Tylostoma Sharpe, 1849, and Pterodonta d´Orbigny, 1843. The shells are globular to oviform. In contrast to the Aporrhaidae, the Tylostomidae lack a rostrum. The aperture and the whorl portion opposite the aperture are constricted by varices or teeth. Internal moulds – which are the general mode of preservation – give the impression of a flaring labrum, which actually does not exist. The genus has been allocated to the Stromboidea because of the varicose aperture. At least currently, a connection with the Aporrhaidae cannot be proved."


  • R.L. Squires and L.R. Saul. 2004. Uncommon Cretaceous naticiform gastropods from the Pacific Slope of North America. The Velliger 47(1-2):21-37

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