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Species / Tylostoma


Original Description of the genus Tylostoma by Sharpe, 1849:

  • "Shell ovate or globose, thick and nearly smooth, with a moderately elevated spire: aperture ovato-lunate, the lips meeting above at a sharp angle; outer lip furnished internally along its whole extent with a thickened edge, which is repeated at regular intervals and accompanied by a temporary lengthening upwards of the aperture; inner lip callous and spread over the body-whorl so as almost to conceal the columella."

Type species: Tylostoma torrubiae Sharpe, 1849 by subsequent designation (White, 1880: 142)

Tylostoma species:

Etymology: tylos (greek) = a callosity, stoma (greek) = mouth

History and Synonymy

  • Varigera d'Orbigny, 1850
  • Varicigera Douville, 1916


Varigera is a subjective synonym of Tylostoma according to Squires & Saul, 2004


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