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Species / Tylostoma Punctatum


Original description of Tylostoma punctatum by Sharpe, 1849:

  • "Shell broadly-ovate, with a pyramidal spire formed of about 6 volutions: whorls convex, tabulated above, giving a step-like outline to the spire. Surface ornamented with numerous transverse rows of minute punctations set in shallow furrows, which are crossed by fine lines of growth: the rows of punctations are rather distant in the upper part of the whorl, but are crowded closely together near its base. Mouth ovate, the upper angle somewhat rounded: outer lip with a very broad, thick, internal callosity, which is repeated once in each volution."

Locus typicus: Sarjento-mór, about 1½ league north of Coimbra on the road to Oporto, Portugal.

Stratum typicum: Cretaceous

Dimensions: Spire angle 60°, length 1½ inches; breadth 1 1/8 inch.

Tylostoma punctatum in Sharpe, 1849, pl. IX, fig. 3 and 4

Tylostoma cf. punctata Sharpe, 1849; Turonian, upper Cretaceous; Antantiloky, Analalava Distric, Sofia Region, Madagascar; 40.5 mm; Coll. MNHN no. J09279; Copyright Museum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris


  • Collignon (M.), 1934 - Fossiles turoniens d'Antantiloky (province d'Analalava, Madagascar). Annales géologiques du service des Mines de Madagascar, fasc. 4, p. 7-57
  • Sharpe, 1849

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