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Copyright Statement

If you are using information or grafics from this page, please do several things:

  • cite this publication as shown below and
  • send a copy of your publication to Ulrich Wieneke and Han Stoutjesdijk for that they can add your reference to the reference list.
  • If a comment or picture is shown on "Gastropoda Stromboidea" with a name (like "Comment Gijs Kronenberg", "Photo Virgilio Liverani" or "Copyright GPIB", please always contact the named person/institution before using this information within a publication.
  • Any commercial use of information contained on "Gastropoda Stromboidea" needs written permission.

How to cite this publication:

  • Example complete publication:
    • Ulrich Wieneke, Han Stoutjesdijk, Philippe Simonet & Virgilio Liverani (Eds.), Gastropoda Stromboidea. URL: (accessed: August 13, 2007, 16:13)
  • Example single page:

The modification date is found at the bottom of the corresponding page.

How to use the information included in this publication? If you want to use any information from this publication, please bear some things in your mind: The publication will hopefully run through three phases:

  1. the collection phase (that's where it is now and for the next years)
  2. the standardization phase (it is a lot of work to standardize all the information, to make it comparable und usable for cladistics or other statistics)
  3. the interpretation and discussion phase (discussion of the importance of certain character states).

Phase 1 means that information can be wrong (esp. wrong determination of species on tables)and the phylogeny is prelimenary. So it is your task to verify everything! Phase 1 is the collection phase, that means every information that is not contained in the publication, but that is related to the topic, can be entered into it.

Some search tricks:

  • Finding page with pictures on: just search for "jpg"

Editing pages

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