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Han Stoutjesdijk

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Samples from Han Stoutjesdijk's collection

Aporrhais megapolitana Beyrich, 1854; "Sternberger Gestein", Chattian, upper Oligocene; Kobrow, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania State, Germany; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Aporrhais serresiana (Michaud, 1828); Cape Juby, Tarfaya, Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra Region, southern Morocco; 53 mm; fished by UK154; 11/1988; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk no. 504

Aporrhais uttingeriana (Risso, 1826); Pliocene; near San Gimignano, Siena Province, Tuscany Region, Italy; 53 mm; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Aporrhais uttingeriana (Risso, 1826); Pliocene; Rio Carbonari, Piacenza, Piacenza Province, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Aporrhais pespelecani bilobatus Clement, 1875; Eemian, Holocene; Raise site 't' Kalf, Zaandam, North Holland Province, The Netherlands; 9/1969; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk no. 2388a

  1. 23 mm
  2. 20 mm

Seraphs volutatus (Solander in Brander, 1766); Lutetian, middle Eocene; Chavigny, Eure Department, France; 44 mm; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Calyptraphorus velatus Aldrich, 1894; Moodys Branch Formation, Jackson Stage, Eocene; Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk no. 4995; Ex-coll. Tera Smith

Struthiolaria calcar Hutton, 1885; Miocene; Cape Palliser, Wellington Region, southernmost point of North Island, New Zealand; 41 mm; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Macilentos macilentus (White, 1889); Llajas Formation, Domengine Stage, upper Eocene; North side of Simi Valley, Santa Susana Mountains
Ventura County, southern California, USA; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk; Collected by Richard Squires; 1979

Tridentarius dentatus (Linnaeus, 1758); Guadalcanal Island, Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands, south-western Pacific; 20 m. depth, on rubble; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Tricornis tuberosus (Martin, 1883); Miocene; Lampung Province, South Sumatra Island, Indonesia; 54 x 45 mm and 72 x 59 mm; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Pterodonta inflata d'Orbigny, 1843; Cenomanian, upper Cretaceous; Bordeaux, Gironde Department, France; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Perissoptera marginata (J. de C. Sowerby in Fitton, 1836); Albian, lower Cretaceous; Troyes, Aube Department, France; 50 mm; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Canarium mutabile (Swainson, 1821); Tôlanaro (formerly Fort Dauphin), Anosy Region, southeast coast of Madagascar; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Xenophora burdigalensis (Grateloup, 1847); Burdigalian, lower Miocene; Leognan, Gironde Department, France; width 61 mm, height 47 mm; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Xenophora neozelanica Suter, 1908; Nelson, Tasman Bay, South Island, New Zealand; Recent; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Xenophora conchyliophora (Born, 1780); Guaymas, Gulf of California, (Sea of Cortez), Sonora State, Mexico; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Tessarolax distorta Gabb, 1864; Tuna Canyon Formation, upper Cretaceous; Palisades Highlands area, Santa Ynez Canyon, Central Santa Monica Mountains
Los Angeles County, Southern California, USA; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

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