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Species / Seraphs Volutatus

Seraphs Volutatus


  • Seraphsidae
    • Seraphs
      • Seraphs volutatus (Solander in Brander, 1766)

Original Description of Bulla volutata by Solander in Brander, 1766: 34, pl. 6, fig. 75:

  • "Bulla (volutata) testa oblonga laevi, postice magis attenuata. Testa longitudine digiti, laevis, convoluta, versus basin attenuata. Spira inclusa est. Columella aequalis, laevis, subobliqua. Labrum vix incrassatim."

Locus typicus: Hordwell Cliff, Hampshire County, South East Region, England

Stratum typicum: Bartonian, middle Eocene

Bulla volutata Solander in Brander, 1766, pl. VI, fig. 75

History and Synonymy


Terebellum (Seraphs) convolutum in Cossmann, 1904, pl. I, fig. 1

Specimens from institutional collections

Seraphs volutatus (Solander in Brander, 1766); Lutetian, Eocene; Chaussy, Val d'Oise, France; 79 mm and 61 mm; Coll. Naturalis; Copyright Naturalis

Specimens from private collections

Seraphs volutatus (Solander in Brander, 1766); Lutetian, Eocene; Chavigny, Eure, France; 44 mm; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk


  • Caze B., Merle D., Pacaud J.-M. & Saint Martin J.-P. 2010. First systematic study using the variability of the residual colour patterns: the case of the Paleogene Seraphsidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Stromboidea). Geodiversitas 32 (3) : 417-477.

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