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Species / Seraphidae



  • Seraphidae Gray, 1853

The following genera belong to Seraphidae:

Diameza and Miniseraphs are treated as subgenera by Jung, 1974.

Synonyms are:

  • Seraps Ferussac, 1822
  • Seraphe Blainville, 1825-1827
  • Seraphys Gray, 1841
  • Serapis Link, 1830
  • Seraphsidae Jung, 1974
  • Terebellidae Korobkov, 1955
  • Terebellidae Sacco, 1893
  • Terebellinae De Gregorio, 1880
    • The name Terebellidae is preoccupied, since a polychaete family is named in that way (Terebellidae Grube, 1851: type genus Terebella Linnaeus, 1767) (Jung, 1974)
  • The earliest Seraphidae are known from the paleocene. From there to the eocene, there was a rapid morphological development into several genera. Most of them became extinct, only Terebellum survived. (see Jung & Abbott, 1967, Wenz, 1938)


  • G. Kronenberg: The name Seraphidae (originally spelled as Seraphina) Gray, 1853 is correct. Seraphsidae Jung, 1974 is a junior synonym, Jung being unaware of the name proposed by Gray
  • G. Rosenberg: the correct spelling of the family name is Seraphidae, not Seraphsidae. The genus Seraphs was named by Montfort, 1810. He did not give a derivation, but gave the French equivalent as "Seraphe". Therefore it is clear that the final "s" of Seraphs is not part of the root of the word.


  • P. Jung, 1974. A revision of the family Seraphsidae (Gastropoda: Strombacea); Palaeontographica Americana, vol. VIII No. 47, pp. 1-72, pls. 1-16, Fulltext


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