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Species / Seraphidae



  • Seraphidae Gray, 1853

The following genera belong to Seraphidae:

Diameza and Miniseraphs are treated as subgenera by Jung, 1974.

Synonyms are:

  • Seraps Ferussac, 1822
  • Seraphe Blainville, 1825-1827
  • Seraphys Gray, 1841
  • Serapis Link, 1830
  • Seraphsidae Jung, 1974
  • Terebellidae Korobkov, 1955
  • Terebellidae Sacco, 1893
  • Terebellinae De Gregorio, 1880
    • The name Terebellidae is preoccupied, since a polychaete family is named in that way (Terebellidae Grube, 1851: type genus Terebella Linnaeus, 1767) (Jung, 1974)
  • The earliest Seraphidae are known from the paleocene. From there to the eocene, there was a rapid morphological development into several genera. Most of them became extinct, only Terebellum survived. (see Jung & Abbott, 1967, Wenz, 1938)


  • G. Kronenberg: The name Seraphidae (originally spelled as Seraphina) Gray, 1853 is correct. Seraphsidae Jung, 1974 is a junior synonym, Jung being unaware of the name proposed by Gray
  • G. Rosenberg: the correct spelling of the family name is Seraphidae, not Seraphsidae. The genus Seraphs was named by Montfort, 1810. He did not give a derivation, but gave the French equivalent as "Seraphe". Therefore it is clear that the final "s" of Seraphs is not part of the root of the word.

History and Synonymy


Gray, 1853, p. 131:


  • J.E. Gray, 1853. On the Division of ctenobranchous gasteropodous Mollusca into larger Groups and families; Annals and Magazine of Natural History, ser. 2, 11:124-132, URL
  • P. Jung, 1974. A revision of the family Seraphsidae (Gastropoda: Strombacea); Palaeontographica Americana, vol. VIII No. 47, pp. 1-72, pls. 1-16, Fulltext


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