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Species / Miniseraphs


Type species: Terebellum (Seraphs) eratoides Cossmann, 1889

Original Description of the genus Miniseraphs as subgenus of Seraphs by Jung, 1974:

  • "Shell small, involute, of stout appearance. Apical angle large. Line of greatest diameter situated above the middle of the height of the shell. Surface of shell smooth except for indistinct growth lines and a few faint, oblique grooves near the base of the columella. Callus on inner lip thin. Outer lip somewhat thickened, sinuous. Stromboid notch rudimentary. Columella slightly bent backwards near base"

Miniseraphs species are

Etymology: named as small forms of Seraphs

After the revision of Jung, only Miniseraphs isabella and Miniseraphs eratoides are valid species.

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