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Species / Xenophora Burdigalensis

Xenophora Burdigalensis


Specimens from institutional collections

Xenophora burdigalensis (Grateloup, 1847); Miocene; Manthelan?, Indre-et-Loire, France; Coll. RBINS no. 2829; Coll. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Specimens from private collections

Xenophora burdigalensis (Grateloup, 1847); Burdigalian, lower Miocene; Leognan, Gironde, France; width 61 mm, height 47 mm; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Xenophora burdigalensis (Grateloup, 1847); Zanden von Aalten, Hemmoorian, Miocene; Miste near Winterswijk The Netherlands; Coll. Ger Cremers

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