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Species / Perissoptera Marginata

Perissoptera Marginata


Original Description of Rostellaria marginata by Sowerby in Fitton, 1836 , p. 336:

  • "Fig. 18 Rostellaria marginata. Turrited, conical, transversely striated ribs, eight or ten upon each whorl, short and obtuse, last whorl keeled without ribs. Named from a ridge or narrow band upon the upper edge of each whorl, which is more or less conspicuous in every specimen and assists in distinguishing the species from Rostellaria Parkinsoni See PI XVIII fig 24."

Stratum typicum: Gault, Albian, lower Cretaceous

Locus typicus: Copt Point, Folkestone, Kent County, south-east England

Rostellaria marginata Sowerby, 1836, pl. XI, fig. 18

Aporrhais marginata (J. de C. Sowerby in Fitton, 1836); Gault, Albian, lower Cretaceous; Folkestone, Kent County, south-east England; Ex-coll. Gardner; Coll. BM(NH) no. G.66895-8; Copyright BM(NH)

Anchura (Perissoptera) marginata in Cossmann, 1904, pl. VI, fig. 3


  • There has been a lot of confusion about this species. It is reviewed by
    • H. A. Kollmann (2005). Gastropodes Crétacés. Leiden, Backhuys Publishers, 1-239, 1-456, Pl.149-236.

Perissoptera marginata (J. de C. Sowerby in Fitton, 1836); Albian, lower Cretaceous; Troyes, Aube, France; 50 mm; Coll. Han Stoutjesdijk

Perissoptera marginata (J. de C. Sowerby in Fitton, 1836); H. dentatus zone, L- lyelli subzone; banc "B", middle Albian, lower Cretaceous; Courcelles, Troyes, Aube, France


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