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References G

W. M. Gabb (1860).

  • Descriptions of some new species of Cretaceous fossils from South America in the collection of the Academy. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (Vol. 12) 197-198.
  • Pugnellus tumidus, Strombus semicostatus

W. M. Gabb (1868).

  • An Attempt at a Revision of the two Families Strombidae and Aporrhaidae. American journal of conchology (Bd IV): 137-149.
  • Rostellaria, Aporrhais, Strombidae, Strombinae, Strombus Linne, Strombus vittatus, Monodactylus Klein, Strombus adustus, Gallinula Klein, Strombus campbelli Gray, Canarium Schumacher, Strombus albus Mart., Pugnellus, Pugnellus densatus Conrad, Pugnellus hamulus Gabb, Pugnellus (Strombus) uncatus Forbes, Gymnarus, Pugnellus manubriatus, Pterocera Lamarck, Harpago Klein, Pterocera lambis Lamarck, Strombus lambis Linne, Heptadactylus Adams, Millipes Adams, Pterocera chiragra, Pterocera multipes, Pterocera elongatus, Pterocera scorpio, Phyllocheilus Gabb, Pterocera speciosa d'Orbigny, Pterocera Dupiniana d'Orbigny, Pterocera marginata d'Orbigny, Rostellarinae, Rostellaria fusus, Strombus fusus Linne, Hippochrenes Montfort, Hippochrenes macroptera Montfort, Rostellaria macroptera Lamarck, Hippochrenes ampla, Hippochrenes columbaria, Hippochrenes extenta, Rostellaria extenta Conrad, Spinigera d'Orbigny, Spinigera longispina d'Orbigny, Ranella longispina Desl.,Rimella Agas., Rimella crispata, Rimella fissurella, Rimella rimosa, Rimella canalifera, Rimella simplex, Isopleura Meek, Isopleura curvilirata Meek, Isopleura meekiana Gabb, Cyclomolops Gabb, Cyclomolops laevigata, Rostellaria laevigata Mellv., Calyptraphorus, Calyptraphorus velatus Conrad, Calyptraphorus palliatus Forbes, Terebellinae, Terebellum Lamarck, Terebellum subulatum, Terebellum convolutum, Aporrhaidae, Aporrhainae, Aporrhais Dillw., Aporrhais pespelecani, Aporrhais pescarbonaris, Aporrhais biangulata, Goniocheila Gabb, Aporrhais liratus Conrad, Aporrhais sowerbyi Aporrhais parkinsonii, Pterocera bryonia Arrhoges Gabb, Arrhoges occidentalis Beck, Anchura Conrad, Drepanocheilus Meek, Perissoptera Tate, Anchura abrupta Conrad, Anchura carinata, Rostellaria carinata Mantell, Anchura falciformis Gabb, Helicaulx Gabb, Helicaulax ornata d'Orbigny, Helicaulax buchii Münster, Helicaulax pyrenaica d'Orbigny, Dicroloma Gabb, Dicroloma lorieri, Dicroloma eudesii, Dicroloma gracilis Münster, Dicroloma bicarinata, Dicroloma trifida, Alaria Morris & Lycett, Alaria armata, Tessarolax Gabb, Tessarolax distorta Gabb, Tessarolax bicarinata d'Orbigny, Pterocerella Meek, Pterocerella tippana Meek, Harpago tippana Conrad, Struthiolarinae, Struthiolaria Lamarck, Struthiolaria nodulosa Lamarck, Loxotrema Gabb, Loxotrema turrita, Pelicaria Gray, Pelicaria scutulata Martyn, Halia Risso, Halia priamus Meusch, Chenopus, Diarthema Calyptraphorus trinodoferus Conrad
  • Fulltext

W. M. Gabb (1869).

  • Palaeontology of California: Cretaceous and Tertiary Fossils. Geological Survey of California Vol. II: 1-299, Plates I-XXXVI.
  • Pugnellus hamulus, Gymnarus Gabb, Pugnellus (Gymnarus) manubriatus Gabb, Anchura falciformis Gabb, Anchura transversa, Anchura carinifera, Helicaulax bicarinata, Helicaulax costata, Rimella canalifera, Rimella simplex, Anchura angulata Gabb, Aporrhais californica Gabb, Aporrhais exilis Gabb, Aporrhais transversa, Aporrhais carinifera, Tessarolax distorta, Anchura monilifera

W. M. Gabb (1869 b).

  • W.M. Gabb, 1869. Notes on the Genera Alaria, Diarthema, Dicroloma, &C.; being a supplement to "An Attempt at a Revision of the Strombidae and Aporrhaidae". American Journal of Conchology, vol. V (1870), 19-23
  • Alaria, Diarthema, Dicroloma, Strombidae, Aporrhaidae, Aporrhais, Spinigera, Ranella, Pterocera, Rostellaria, Alaria armata, Alaria hamus, Alaria rhinocerus, Rostellaria carinata, Rostellaria orbignyana Pictet, Rostellaria papilionacea Goldfuß, Alaria myurus Deshayes, Alaria laevigata Morris, Tessarolax Gabb, Aporrhais dupiniana d'Orbigny, Aporrhais (Chenopus) atractoides Deshayes, Diarthema paradoxa Deshayes, Anchura carinata, Anchura abrupta, Anchura papilionacea, Anchura falciformis, Anchura requieniana d'Orbigny, Anchura simplex d'Orbigny, Anchura parkinsonii Sowerby, Anchura orbignyana Pictet, Anchura californica Gabb, Anchura robinaldina d'Orbigny, Anchura rostrata Gabb, Tessarolax distorta Gabb, Tessarolax bicarinata d'Orbigny, Helicaulax Gabb, Aporrhais atractoides, Aporrhais pagodus, Chenopus camelus, Chenopus vespa, Aporrhais pespelicani, Pterocera paradoxa Deshayes, Alata, Anchura mexicana
  • Fulltext

W. M. Gabb (1876).

  • Notes on American Cretaceous Fossils, with Descriptions of some new Species. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Scienences of Philadelphia 28: 276-324, 1 Pl.
  • Pugnellus Conrad, Strombus densatus Conrad, Pugnellus densatus, Pugnellus typicus, Gynmarus Gabb, Anchura Conrad, Anchura arenarum Morton, Rostellaria arenarum, Rostellaria arcuarium, Chemnitzia distans, Anchura texana Roemer, Scalaria texana, Chemnitzia texana, Aporrhais texana, Drepanochilus, Aporrhais Dillw., Aporrhais bicarinata, Aporrhais biangulata

W. M. Gabb (1877).

  • Descriptions of Caribbean Miocene Fossils. Journ. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad. 2nd Ser., Vol. VIII: 337-348.
  • Strombus Linne, Strombus pugilis Linne, Strombus proximus Sowerby, Strombus bifrons Sowerby, Strombus pugiloides Guppy 1874,

W. M. Gabb (1878).

  • Descriptions of New Species of Fossils from the Pliocene Clay Beds between Limon and Moen, Costa Rica, together with Notes on previously known Species from there and elsewhere in the Caribbean Area. Journ. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad. 2nd Ser. Vol. VIII: 349-380, Pl. 44-47.
  • Strombus Linne, Strombus bituberculatus Lamarck, Strombus pugilis Linne

G. Gabbi (1999).

  • Shells: Guide to the Jewels of the Sea. Vercelli, White Star, 1-168.
  • Lambis lambis, Euprotomus, Strombus, Strombus dentatus, Lambis, Aporrhais pespelecani, Lambis chiragra, Strombus variabilis, Strombus canarium, Strombus gigas, Aporrhais occidentalis, Aporrhais elegantissima, Varicispira cancellata, Tibia insulaechorab, Tibia fusus, Terebellum terebellum, Strombus vittatus, Strombus sinuatus, Strombus pugilis, Strombus listeri, Strombus goliath, Strombus gallus, Strombus costatus, Strombus canarium, Strombus violacea, Lambis scorpio, Lambis millipeda, Lambis chirargra

G. Gardet and C. Gerard (1946).

  • Contribution a l'etude paleontologique du Moyen-Atlas septentrional: Lias inferieur - Lias moyen - Lias superieur, Aalenien - Bajocien - Bathonien. Protectorat de la Republique Francaise au Maroc Direction Generale des Travaux Publics, Division des Mines et de la Geologie Service Geologique Notes et Memoires 64: 1-88, Pl- I-VIII.
  • Chenopus (Cyphosolenus) gubleri Houdard & Gardet, Cyphosolenus sphinx Piette

J. Gardner (1947).

  • The Molluscan Fauna of the Alum Bluff Group of Florida. Part VIII. Ctenobranchia (Remainder) Aspidobranchia, and Scaphopoda. United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 142-H: 493-656.
  • Strombacea, Strombidae, Strombus Linne 1758, Strombus aldrichi Dall 1890, Rimella aldrichi, Strombus albirupianus, Strombus granulatus, Strombus pugilis, Strombus bonellii Brongniart, Strombus pugilis var alatus, Strombus chipolanus Dall 1890, Strombus bituberculatus, Strombus bifrons, Strombus coronatus, Strombus liocyclus Dall, Strombus dodoneus Gardner, Orthaulax Gabb 1872, Hippochrenes Zittel, Wagneria Heilprin, Orthaulax inornatus Gabb, Calyptrophorus, Rimella, Terebellum, Terebellum sopitum Brander, Orthaulax gabbi Dall 1890
  • Fulltext

J. Gardner (1948).

  • Mollusca from the Miocene and Lower Pliocene of Virginia and North Carolina Part 2. Scaphopoda and Gastropoda. Geological Survey Professional Paper 199-B: 1-310.
  • Terebellum striatum Tuomey & Holmes 1856, Strombus

J. S. Gardner (1873).

  • IV.—Notes on the Genus Rostellaria (or Aporrhais?) of the Gault. Geological Magazine, 10(106), 161.
  • Rostellaria maxima, Rostellaria carinata, Aporrhais, Pteroceras' fittoni, Pteroceras bicarinata, Pteroceras retusa, Rostellaria Lamarck, Chenopus, Aporrhais pes-pelicani, Aporrhais occidentalis, Aporrhais carinata, Aporrhais orbignyana, Aporrhais obtusa, Rostellaria costata, Aporrhais parkinsoni, Rostellaria reussii, Rostellaria buccinoides, Aporrhais calcarata, Aporrhais muleti, Aporrhais carinella, Aporrhais elongata, Aporrhais cingulata, Aporrhais sp.n., Pteroceras bicarinata, Rostellaria marginata

J. S. Gardner (1875).

  • On the Gault Aporrhaidae. The Geological Magazine New Series. Decade II, Vol.II(No. II): 49-56,Pl. III, 124-130, Pl. V, 198-203, Pl. VI, 291-298, Pl. VII, 392-400, Pl. XII.
  • Aporrhaidae, Aporrhais, Rostellaria, Strombus, Pteroceras, Strombidae, Aporrhais pespelicani, Alata, Chenopus, Alaria, Aporrhais pescarbonis, Perissoptera, Aporrhais occidentalis, Aporrhais marginata, Pterocera, Aporrhais retusa Sowerby, Rostellaria retusa, Rostellaria bicarinata, Pteroceras bicarinata, Pteroceras retusa Forbes, Harpago retusus Gabb, Pteroceras macrostoma, Pteroceras moreausiana d'Orbigny, Pteroceras fittoni Forbes, Pteroceras globulata Seeley 1861, Aporrhais bicornis, Rostellaria ovata Münster, Aporrhais spinigera, Chenopus couloni de Loriol 1861, Aporrhais cingulata Pictet & Roux, Aporrhais griffithsii Gardner, Rostellaria tricostata d'Orbigny, Aporrhais triboleti, Aporrhais pupaeformis, Aporrhais aonis d'Orbigny, Aporrhais mailleana d'Orbigny, Aporrhais fittoni, Aporrhais marginata d'Orbigny, Aporrhais moutoniana d'Orbigny, Aporrhais provincialis d'Orbginy, Aporrhais rochatiana d'Orbigny, Aporrhais angulosa d'Orbigny, Aporrhais americana d'Orbigny, Strombus pyriformis Kner, Aporrhais etheridgii, Aporrhais carinata Mantell 1822, Rostellaria carinata, Pteroceras carinata, Alaria carinata, Gladius carinatus, Rostellaria pictetiana de Loriol 1861, Rostellaria elegans, Rostellaria neckeriana Pictet & Roux, Pteroceras tuberosa, Aporrhais elongata Sowerby, Aporrhais maxima Price, Rostellaria maxima, Aporrhais carinella d*Orbigny, Rostellaria orbignyana, Fusus carinella Sowerby 1832, Aporrhais calcarata Sowerby, Rostellaria calcarata, Aporrhais muleti, Aporrhais composita, Aporrhais neglecta, Rostellaria stenoptera Goldfuß, Rostellaria buchii Münster, Strombus arachnoides, Rostellaria minuta, Rostellaria arachnoides, Rostellaria granulosa, Rostellaria furca, Rostellaria nilssoni, Aporrhais parkinsoni, Rostellaria costata, Rostellaria parkinsoni, Aporrhais obtusa, Aporrhais drunensis d'Orbigny, Aporrhais fusiformis Pictet & Roux, Aporrhais pseudosubulata d'Orbigny, Aporrhais varusensis d'Orbigny, Aporrhais sowerbii, Rostellaria reussii, Rostellaria papilionacea Reuss, Rostellaria megaloptera, Littorina plicatilis, Rostellaria megaera, Perissoptera reussii, Aporrhais robinaldina, Aporrhais glabra, Aporrhais mantelli, Aporrhais stenoptera, Aporrhais mantelli var subtuberculata, Rostellaria acutirostris Pusch 1837, Rostellaria gigantea Geinitz 1839, Rostellaria emarginulata Geinitz 1850, Buccinum turritum Roemer 1841, Rostellaria digitata, Rostellaria crebricosta Leheli, Rostellaria partschi, Rostellaria passer, Aporrhais parkinsoni var cunningtoni, Aporrhais macrostoma Sowerby, Aporrhais histochila Gardner, Aporrhais globulata Seeley, Aporrhais oligochila Gardner, Aporrhais pachysoma Gardner, Rostellaria robinaldina d'Orbigny, Aporrhais acuta Pictet & Campiche, Rostellaria alpina, Aporrhais simplex d'Orbigny, Aporrhais forbesii Pictet & Campiche, Aporrhais glabra Forbes, Aporrhais dupiniana d'Orbigny, Rostellaria dupiniana, Chenopus dupiniana, Dimorphosoma, Ornithopus fittoni, Ornithopus globulata, Ornithopus histochila, Ornithopus moreausiana, Ornithopus oligochila, Ornithopus pachysoma, Ornithopus retusa, Tridactylus cingulata, Tridactylus griffithsii, Dimorphosoma ancylochila, Dimorphosoma calcarata, Dimorphosoma doratochila, Dimorphosoma kinclispira, Dimorphosoma neglecta, Dimorphosoma opeatochila, Dimorphosoma pleurospira, Dimorphosoma spathochila, Dimorphosoma toxochila, Dimorphosoma vectiana
  • Fulltext

N. A. Gary (1970).

  • Shells at Hemisfair '68. Of Sea and Shore 1(1): 27,28.
  • Strombus gigas

N. A. Gary (1974).

  • The Genus Lambis Röding, 1798: Part I - My Experiences in Collecting This Genus by Purchase Only. La Conchiglia [The Shell] 69-70(11/12): 3-10.
  • Lambis Roeding 1798, Lambis lambis Linne 1758, Lambis truncata truncata Humphrey 1786, Lambis truncata sebae Kiener 1843, Lambis chiragra chiragra Linne 1758, Lambis digitata digitata Perry 1811, Lambis digitata crocea Reeve, Lambis crocata pilsbryi Abbott 1961, Lambis violacea Swainson 1821, Lambis crocata crocata Link 1807, Millepes Moerch 1852, Lambis millepeda Linne 1758, Lambis scorpius scorpius Linne 1758, Lambis scorpius indomaris Abbott 1961, Lambis robusta Swainson 1821, Lambis chiragra arthritica Roeding 1798, Harpago Moerch 1852

N. A. Gary (1975 a).

  • Genus Lambis, 1798: Part II. Taxonomy. Characters that determine Classifications. La Conchiglia 71-72((1/2)): 14-19.
  • Lambis Roeding 1798, Strombidae, Strombus, Lambis lambis Linne 1758, Lambis chiragra chiragra Linne 1758, Lambis truncata Humphrey 1786, Lambis truncata truncata Humphrey 1786, Lambis truncata sebae Kiener 1843, Lambis crocata Link 1807, Lambis crocata crocata Link 1807, Lambis crocata pilsbryi Abbott 1961

N. A. Gary (1975 b).

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  • Lambis Roeding, Millepes Moerch 1852, Lambis millepeda Linne 1758, Lambis digitata digitata Perry 1811, Lambis digitata crocea Reeve, Lambis scorpius Linne 1758, Lambis scorpius scorpius Linne 1758, Lambis scorpius indomaris Abbott 1961, Lambis robusta Swainson 1821, Lambis violacea Swainson 1821

N. A. Gary (1975 c).

  • Genus Lambis: Part IV: Subgenus Harpago Moerch, 1852. La Conchiglia 75-76(5/6): 8,9.
  • Harpago Moerch 1852, Lambis chiragra chiragra Linne 1758, Lambis chiragra arthritica Roeding 1798, Lambis chiragra rugosa Sowerby

C. Geerts (1971).

  • Dictionary of English - French; French - English Shell Terms. Of Sea and Shore 2(3 Supplement): 1-15.
  • Strombus

H. B. Geinitz (1846).

  • Grundriss der Versteinerungskunde. Dresden & Leipzig, Arnoldische Buchhandlung, 1-815, Tafeln I-XXVI.
  • Murchisonia (Rostellaria) angulata Phillips, Terebellum Lamarck, Seraphs Montfort, Terebellum fusiforme Lamarck, Strombidae d'Orbigny, Rostellaria, Chenopus Philippi, Rostellum Montfort, Hippochrenes Montfort, Rostellaria burmeisteri Geinitz, Rostellaria parkinsoni Mantell, Rostellaria sowerby, Rostellaria reussii, Rostellaria calcarata, Rostellaria stenoptera, Rostellaria (Chenopus) buchii, Rostellaria papilionacea Goldfuss, Rostellaria anserina, Rostellaria vespertilio, Rostellaria pespelecani, Pterocera pescarbonis, Rostellaria fissurella, Hippocrenes, Strombus, Pterocera, Strombus oceani, Strombites denticulatus Schlotheim, Pteroceras oceani Roemer, Strombus ornatus Deshayes, Strombus bonelli Brongniart, Pterodonta, Struthiolaria Lamarck, Struthiolaria umbilicata Bellardi, Columbellina, Colombellina, Columbellina monodactylus, Columbellina ornata, Rostellaria obsoleta Goldfuss, Rostellaria elongata, Turritella (Rostellaria) scalata Goldfuss
  • Fulltext

H. B. Geinitz (1872-1875).

  • Das Elbthalgebirge in Sachsen. Palaeontographica 20(II): 168-171, Tafel 30.
  • Rostellaria parkinsoni Mantell, Rostellaria sowerbyi Agassiz, Rostellaria simplex d'Orbigny, Rostellaria costata Michaud, Rostellaria reussi Geinitz, Rostellaria picteti Geinitz, Rostellaria burmeisteri Geinitz, Buccinum turritum Römer, Rostellaria megaloptera Reuss, Rostellaria megaera, Rostellaria orbignyana Pictet & Roux, Rostellaria calcarata, Rostellaria coarctata Geinitz, Rostellaria parkinsoni vera, Rostellaria stenoptera Goldfuss, Rostellaria mucronata, Rostellaria buchi Münster, Rostellaria buchii, Chenopus buchii, Rostellaria divaricata Reuss, Rostellaria geinitzii

L. Gentil (1906)

  • Contribution à la géologie et à la géographie physique du Maroc, Annales de Géographie Vol. 15, No. 80, pp. 133-151
  • Thersitea
  • Fulltext

P. A. Gerasimov (1992).

  • [Jurassic and Boundary Lower Cretaceous Gastropods of the European Part of the Russia]. Moskau, Nauka Publishers, 1-190.
  • Strombacea, Colombellinidae Fischer 1884, Khetella Beisel 1983, Khetella bojarkae Beisel 1983, Khetella incerta d'Orbigny 1845, Aporrhaidae Gray 1850, Aporrhais Costa 1778, Strombus pespelicani Linne 1758, Dicroloma Gabb 1868, Pterocera lotieri d'Orbigny 1850, Dicroloma cochleata Quenstedt 1858, Rostellaria cochleata Quenstedt 1858, Alaria cochleata, Dicroloma pseudopellati Gerasimov, Alaria pellati Piette 1891, Dicroloma gagnebini Thurmann, Rostellaria gagnebini, Alaria gagnebini, Dicroloma athulia d'Orbigny 1850, Pterocera athulia, Alaria cassiope, Alaria athulia, Pterocera lorieri, Alaria lorieri, Pietteia Cossmann 1904, Rostellaria hamus Deslongchamps 1842, Pietteia russiensis Gerasimov, Dicroloma hamus, Alaria seminuda Hebert & Deslongchamps 1860, Alaria phillipsi Orbigny, Alaria alternans Terquem & Jourdy 1869

J. Gesner (1758).

  • Tractatus physicus de petrificatis in duas partes distinctus, quarum prior agit de petrificatorum differentiis & eorum varia origine; altera vero de petrificatorum variis originibus, praecipuarumque telluris mutationum testibus. - pp. 1-136. Lugduni Batavorum. (Haak).
  • Strombites, Strombus, Alatites, Turbo pentadactylus
  • Fulltext
  • Status: ICZN 0.230: suppressed under the plenary powers for nomenclatural purposes (ICZN 1987: 318).

J. F. Geys and R. Marquet (1979).

  • Veldatlas voor cenozoische Fossielen van Belgie: Deel 1: Het Neogen. Publicatie van de Belgische Vereniging voor Paleontologie v.z.w., Rotterdam, Dr. W. Backhuys, 3-125.
  • Aporrhais pespelicani quadrifida Da Costa 1778, Aporrhais scaldensis Regteren-Altena 1954

J. F. Geys and R. Marquet (1983).

  • Veldatlas voor cenozoische Fossielen van Belgie: Deel 2: Het Paleogen. Publicatie van de Belgische Vereniging voor Paleontologie v.z.w., Leiden, Dr. W. Backhuys- E.J. Brill, 1-203.
  • Rimella fissurella Linne 1758, Arrhoges speciosus Schlotheim 1820

J. F. Geys and R. Marquet (1988).

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  • Arrhoges speciosus speciosus Schlotheim 1820, Arrhoges speciosus margerini De Koninck 1837, Rostellaria (Hippocrene) robusta Rutot 1877

B. Gibbons (1991).

  • The Lomond Guide to Seashore Life of Britain and Europe. London, New Holland Ltd, 1-104.
  • Aporrhais pespelecani

M. Gignoux (1952).

  • Pliocene et Quaternaire Marins de la Mediterranee Occidentale. La Limite Plio-Pleistocene, Algier, Congres Geologique International, 249-258.
  • Strombus

M. M. Gignoux (1911).

  • Les couches a Strombus bubonius (Lmk.) dans la Mediterranee occidentale. Comptes Rendus des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences (6.2.1911): 1-3.
  • Strombus bubonius Lmk., Strombus mediterraneus Duclos, Strombus dferracavallensis de Greg., Strombus coronatus

T. Gill (1870).

  • On the Pterocerae of Lamarck, and their mutual relations. American Journal of Conchology 5: 120-139.
  • Strombidae, Pterocera, Pterocera lambis, Pterocera chiragra, Pterocera pseudoscorpio, Pterocera elongata, Pterocera violacea, Pterocera crocata, Pterocera bryonia, Pterocera scorpio, Pterocera scorpius, Pterocera millipeda, Pterocera rugosa, Aporrhais, Rostellaria, Strombus, Alatus, Strombus pespelecani, Strombus fusus, Heptadactylus, Harpago, Radix bryoniae, Alata, Rostellariae, Pteroceres, Digitata, Lambis, Strombus lambis, Pterocére scorpion, Pterocera lambis, Pterocera (Heptadactylus) lambis, Heptadactylus lambis, Harpago lambis, Pterocera crocata Link, Pterocera aurantia Lamarck, Pterocera (Heptadactylus) crocata, Heptadactylus crocatus, Pterocera bryonia Reeve ex Gmelin, Strombus radix bryonia, Strombus bryonia, Strombus truncatus, Pterocera truncata, Pterocera bryonia, Pterocera sebae, Pterocera radix bryoniae, Heptadactylus radix-bryoniae, Pyrula bengalina, Pterocera scorpius Lamarck, Strombus scorpius, Pterocera nodosa, Pterocera scorpio, Pterocera (Millipes) scorpio, Millipes scorpio, Pterocera pseudoscorpio Lamarck, Pterocera (Harpago) pseudoscorpio, Pterocera millipeda, Strombus millipeda, Pterocera (Millipes) millipeda, Millipes millipeda, Pterocera elongata Swainson, Strombus novem-dactylis instructus, Strombus millipeda, Pterocera crocea, Millipes elongatus, Pterocera violacea Swainson, Strombus multipes, Pterocera multipes, Millipes multipes, Harpago H & A Adams, Harpago chiragra, Pterocera chiragra, Pterocera (Harpago) chiragra, Harpago rugosa Sowerby, Pterocera rugosa, Pterocera (Harpago) arthritica, Harpago arthriticus, Aporrhais, Alaria, Diarthema, Pterocerella, Dicroloma, Tessarolax, Pterocera speciosa, Pterocera dupiniana, Pterocera marginata, Aporrhaidae, Pterocera moreausiana d'Orbigny, Harpagodes Gill, Harpagodes pelagi, Pterocera pelagi d'Orbigny, Ceratosiphon Gill, Ceratosiphon moreausiana d'Orbigny, Pterocera lombis
  • Fulltext

H. L. Gillary (1977).

  • Electrical potentials from the eye and optic nerve of Strombus: effects of electrical stimulation of the optic nerve. J Exp Biol 66(1): 159-71.
  • Strombus luhuanus, Strombus

H. L. Gillary and E. Winter Gillary (1979).

  • Ultrastructural Features of the Retina and Optic Nerve of Strombus luhuanus, a Marine Gastropod. Journal of Morphology 159(1): 89-116.
  • Strombus, Strombus luhuanus

Gitton, J.L., Lozouet, P. & Maestrati, Ph., 1986.

  • Biostratigraphie et paléoécologie des gisements types du Stampien de la région d'Etampes (Essonne). Géologie de la France 1: 3-101, 27 figs, 4 pls.
  • Aporrhais speciosa, Xenophora scrutaria

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • fulltext
  • fulltext
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  • fulltext
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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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