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Species / Aporrhaidae



  • Aporrhaidae

Original Diagnosis of the family Aporrhaidae by Gray, 1850, p.66:

  • "Teeth, central 1, lateral 3.3, uncinate. Eyes sessile at base of tentacle. Varix single, permanent, marginal."

Gray, 1850 placed three genera in Aporrhaidae:

  • Aporrhais
  • ? Struthiolaria
  • ? Dolium

The genera belonging to the Family Aporrhaidae are under discussion, see e.g. Bandel, 2007 or Kollmann, 2009.

Tridactylus Gardner, 1875 is treated as synonym of Cultrigera.

might be further genera in Aporrhaidae

History and Synonymy

Aporrhaidae Gray, 1850:66

  • syn.: Aporrhaiidae [auct.]
  • syn.: Chenopodidae Deshayes, 1866
  • syn.: Chenopidae Koken, 1896


Bouchet & Rocroi, 2005, p. 47:

  • "Ceryciidae van der Hoeven, 1850 [after 20 May]
    • Reference: Handbuch der Zoologie (Dutch edition, ed. 2) 1:772
    • Type genus: Cerycium Philippi, 1841
    • Remarks: Original spelling (phalanx [below family]) Cerycoidea. Van Hoeven did not explicitly cite Cerycium under this family, but when Philippi established that name he gave an etymology referring to the buccinum of the Romans. It is not certain however that van der Hoeven knew Philippi's genus, and he may simply have corrected Buccinidae on linguistic grounds, in which case Ceryciidae would not be available."


  • Gray, 1850, Figures of molluscous animals, 4:66
  • R. Ubaldi, 2012. Recent Aporrhaidae; Clio, Supplement to Argonauta, MTa01 No. 1-6, 2012, Fulltext

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