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Species / Kaunhowenia


Type species: Aporrhais (Helicaulax) carinifera Kaunhowen, 1897

Original Diagnosis of Kaunhowenia by Abdel-Gawad, 1986:

  • "An aporrhaid with a corona-like shell-webbing surrounding the spire, and the expanded apertural outer lip which bears a distinct posterior groove and anterior sinus."

Kaunhowenia species are

might belong to Kaunhowenia:

Etymology: named after F. Kaunhowen, who described the type species

History and Synonymy


Kiel & Bandel, 2002, p. 95:

  • "Kaunhowenia is known throughout the Late Cretaceous of Central Europe (FRECH 1887; MÜLLER 1898; HÄGG 1954; ABDEL-GAWAD 1986). It includes the type species, Kaunhowenia buchii (see FRECH 1887), and those described herein. An undetermined species of this genus is very abundant in upper Cenomanian to Turonian sediments in Sergipe, north-eastern Brazil (J. SEELING pers. comm.). Several Jurassic species possess a similar tuberculate ridge including Chenopus vespa, Alaria conulus, and Alaria leblanci (see PIETTE 1891) indicating a Jurassic origin of this genus."


  • S. Kiel & K. Bandel, 2002. About some aporrhaid and strombid gastropods from the Late Cretaceous; Paläontologische Zeitschrift, Vol. 76(1), pp. 83-97.

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