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Species / Kaunhowenia Punctata


Original Description of Kaunhowenia punctata by Kiel & Bandel, 2002:

  • "The high spired shell has more than five convex volutions. Early whorls are ornamented with fine curved axial ribs and spiral striae. These turn into three tuberculate ridges on later whorls, the weak first one close to the upper suture, the strongest second in the lower half of the whorl, and the weaker last one near the lower suture. The body whorl is ornamented with seven cords. The aperture has lenticular shape with a heavily callused inner lip. This callus has a denticulate margin and an ornament that resembles that of the underlying body whorl. The wing is attached to at least four whorls of the spire and its inner side is channeled, The shell is 10,5 mm high and 5.5 mm wide."

Locus typicus: The valley system between Torallola, Toralla and Sensuy near Pobla de Segur in the Tremp Basin, Lleida Province, Autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain

Stratum typicum: Puimanyons Olisthostrom Member, Vallcarga Formation, Campanian, upper Cretaceous

Kaunhowenia punctata Kiel & Bandel, 2002; Holotype; Campanian, upper Cretaceous; Torallola, Conca de Dalt Municipality, Lleida Province, Autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain; 10,5 mm; Coll. GPIH no. 3904

Etymology: named for the tuberculate spiral ridge in the centre of the whorl.

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