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Species / Pterocerella


Original Description of Pterocerella by Meek, 1864, p. 36:

  • "Shell small, thin; whorls few, rounded, smooth or subangulated; last one not much enlarged; lip greatly extended and ascending the spire, trilobate, the middle lobe much larger and more produced than the others, carinated on the outer side."
  • Comment: "I cannot believe such shells as this should be placed in the same genus with Strombus chiragra and S. lambis, Linnaeus, the types of Harpago and Pterocera; nor is it probable that any of our Cretaceous or older species, usually referred to Pterocera, really belong to that genus as properly restricted. This type should probably be placed in the Aporrhaidae, on p. 19 of the list, instead of in the Strombidae.

Type species of Pterocerella is Harpago tippana Conrad, 1858 by original designation.

Species of Pterocerella are

History and Synonymy


Comment Sohl, 1967, p. B29:

  • "Serrifusus? crosswickensis Whitfield, 1892, from the Navesink Formation of New Jersey, an indeterminate internal mold possibly belonging to Pterocerella."


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  • F.B. Meek, 1864. Check List of the Invertebrate Fossils of North America: Cretaceous and Jurassic (April 1864); Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, 1867, 7, no. 177, p. II, 1-40.
  • Sohl, 1967

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