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Species / Pterocerella Tippana


Original Description of Harpago tippanus by Conrad, 1858, p. 331:

  • "A fragment, with smooth subangulated volutions, a carinated line revolving at the base of each; rostrum of the labrum profoundly extended, trilobate, the central and upper lobe profoundly carinated in the middle; substance of the shell thin. The labrum has evidently been extended above the apex, but only a slight trace of it remains near the upper part of the spire. The specimen is evidently a young or immature shell."

Harpago tippanus Conrad, 1858, pl. 35, fig. 25

History and Synonymy


Pterocerella tippana in Gabb, 1868, pl. 14, fig. 20


Chenopus tippanus in Cossmann, 1904, p. 70, fig. 3


Pterocerella tippana in Weller, 1907, pl. LXXXIII, fig 1, 2


Pterocerella tippana in Sohl, 1960, pl. 13, fig 3, 5, 10

  • image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey


  • Conrad, T.A. 1858. Observations on a group of cretaceous fossil shells, found in Tippah County, Mississippi, with descriptions of fifty-six new species; Philadelphia Acad. Sci. Jour. 2nd ser., v.3, p. 323-336.
  • Sohl, 1960
  • Weller, 1907

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