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Species / Pterocerella Pontotocensis


Original Description of Pterocerella pontotocensis by Sohl, 1960:

  • "Shell small; spire tapers evenly; body expands rapidly near aperture; whorls of spire and body peripherally sharply bicarinate. Aperture sublenticular; inner lip loose and not in contact with parietal wall; outer lip much expanded, with 6 supporting ridges on exterior and corresponding grooves on interior; 2 of ridges are extensions of body carinae; shelly web connects all ridges, interrupted only by circular windows near aperture between second and third and third and fourth ridges; sixth ridge bifurcates from fifth ridge and curves upward, with blade expanding until it reaches and becomes adnate to spire."

Stratum typicum: Prairie Bluff chalk, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

Locus typicus: Roadcut on Mississippi State Route 6, 3.5 Miles east of Pontotoc, Pontotoc County, Mississippi, USA

Pterocerella pontotocensis in Sohl, 1960, pl. 13, fig 4, 12

  • left rubber cast of holotype; right paratype USGS 25428, USNM 128528
  • image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey


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