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Species / Pterocerella Maryea


Original Description of Pterocerella maryea by Dockery, 1993:

  • " The protoconch is dome-shaped, consisting of two and one eight smooth, convex whorls. The terminus of the protoconch is abrupt and the carinae of the teleoconch begin immediately thereafter. The teleoconch consists of four narrow whorls. Whorls of the spire are strongly carinate and angular along their midline and the body whorl is bicarinate with a smooth base. The aperture is lenticular with an axis inclined at a 40 angle to that of the spire. Extending from the aperture are the six long and flat digits that characterize the genus. These digits are bordered by varying degrees with thin shell webbing but only the posterior two digits and the right side of the spire are interconnected with this webbing. Though the digital termini are incomplete on the holotype, a fragment illustrated in Plate 15, figure 4, shows the digits to end in a long, narrow point."

Locus typicus:

  • Griffin pit on the east side of the Friendship-Pratt Road and on the south valley wall of Twenty Mile Creek, Lee County, Mississippi, USA

Stratum typicum:

  • Coffee Sand, Campanian, Cretaceous

Specimens from institutional collections

Pterocerella maryea Dockery, 1993; Chapelville Horizon bed D, Coffee Sand Formation, Tupelo Tongue member, Maastrichtian, Cretaceous; Baldwyn, Mississippi, USA; Coll. Florida Museum of Natural History UF 190670


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