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Species / Araeodactylus



Harris & Burrows do not give a description, they claimed, that Ischnodactylus is pre-occupied and replaced it by Areodactylus (Harris & Burrows, 1891, p. 112).

Araeodactylus species are


  • Ischnodactylus Cossmann, 1889
    • is used by Pelseneer (1886) for a decapod.
    • see also Chevrolat, 1877

Etymology: from areos (greek) = thin and dactylos (greek) = finger


  • George F. Harris, Henry W. Burrows, 1891; The Eocene and Oligocene Beds of the Paris Basin. (A Paper read before the Geologists' Association April 3, 1891). Published by Edward Stanford (Price 3s.). 8vo. pp. viii. and 130. September 23rd, 1891. Illustrated by a Geological Map and numerous Sections

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