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Species / Araeodactylus Costatus


Original Description of Helicaulax costata by Gabb, 1869, p. 167:

  • "SHELL small, broadly fusiform, spire elevated ; whorls six or seven, angulated in the middle, sloping, and nearly straight above, slightly convex below; above the angle are numerous fine striae, below are five or six subacute revolving ribs, with broad concave interspaces. Aperture broad above, narrowed in front, posterior canal well marked, and curving backwards; outer lip and anterior canal unknown ; inner lip thinly incrusted."

Locus typicus: Martinez, Contra Costa County, California, USA

Stratum typicum: Martinez Formation, Eocene

Types: Academy fo Natural Sciences of Philadelphia no. 4281: Holotype

Helicaulax costata Gabb, 1869, pl. 28, fig.48


  • Gabb, 1869. Calif. Geol. Surv. Paleont. vol. 2, p. 167, pl. 28, fig. 48

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