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Species / Latiala


Type species: Anchura lobata Wade, 1926, by original designation.

Original Description of Latiala by Sohl, 1960:

  • "Avarage-sized arrhogids with broad, thick outer lip, which is thickened and bilobed at the terminus, with one lobe directed upward and a second blunter one directed downward; interior of outer lip only lightly callused."

Latiala species are

might belong to Latiala


  • from Latin latus = broad and ala = wing

History and Synynymy


Bandel, 2007, p. 111:

  • "The spire has simple axial ribs and intercalated varices. The medium sized shell (about 2–3 cm high) has a broad, thick outer lip that is thickened and bears two lobes at its outer lip. One lobe is directed upward or to the side and a second blunter lobe is directed downward. The interior of the outer lip is smooth and the inner lip has a thin callus."

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