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Species / Latiala Pennata


Rostellaria pennata Morton, 1834, pl. XIX, fig. 9

History and Synonymy


Description of Anchura pennata (Morton, 1834) in Weller, 1907:

  • "Shell elongate, spire elevated and consisting of from six to seven volutions, which are only moderately convex between the suture lines, the latter being well marked but not deep; apical angle not more than 30, but often less; last volution proportionally large and with a somewhat extended rostral beak, slender and straight; lip broadly expanded and extended in a narrow border along the side of the beak to a point opposite the base or swell of the volution, where it rapidly widens out into the broad wing-like lip, which reaches somewhat over the next volution above but apparently not forming a posterior canal. The outer posterior angle of the expanded portion is prolonged into a narrow, recurved, falciform process of greater or less extent; volutions marked by oblique longitudinal folds, which extend from suture to suture on all the upper volutions, but become obsolete just above the middle on the body portion of the last one, and are entirely obsolete on the back of the expanded lip. On the upper volutions the folds are closely arranged, but on the lower they are more distant and more strongly marked, while on the body part of the last one they are quite strong and almost node-like, even on many of the internal casts."

Localities: Atlantic Highlands, Middletown, near Crawfords Corner, near Holmdel, near Freehold, near Walnford, Crosswicks Creek, near Jacobstown, near Mount Laurel, Mullica Hill, Freehold, Marlboro, Cream Ridge, all New Jersey, USA

Stratigraphy: Navesink Formation (Navesink marl), Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

Anchura pennata in Weller, 1907, pl. LXXXI, fig 10 - 17

Arroges (Latiala) pennata (Morton, 1842); Rotten Limestone (Selma Chalk), Selma Group, Upper Cretaceous; Alabama River, Alabama, USA; Coll. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History IP 304939


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