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Species / Latiala Californica

Latiala Californica


Original Description of Aporrhais californica by Gabb, 1864, p. 128:

  • "Shell small; spire high; whorls eight, convex; suture deep. Mouth long, prolonged below into a moderate, straight canal; outer lip prominent, somewhat variable in shape, usually regularly concave above, rounded on the external margin and angular below, prolonged above, on its outer edge, into a long falciform process, which extends almost as high as the spire; inner lip but slightly incrusted. Body whorl nearly plain, with an angle above bearing a few tubercles; this angle is prolonged on the lip to the base of the superior process; upper whorls marked by fine longitudinal ribs, crossed by a few fine, impressed lines, most distinct above."

Localities: "Orestimba Canon; Martinez; Puerto Canon, Stanislaus County; Siskiyou Mountains, California, USA

Aporrhais californica in Gabb, 1864, pl. XXIX, fig 230a, b

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