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Species / Latiala Nodosa


Original description of Alaria nodosa by Packard, 1922, p. 430:

  • "Shell medium sized, spire high, eight whorls; spire whorls tumid, ornamented by about 14 slightly oblique transverse ribs, which do not reach the suture; region just below the suture on each whorl ornamented by several very fine spiral ridges; body whorl large, canal long; outer lip flat, expanded, lower margin slightly concave; upper margin somewhat concave from the bluntly pointed, upward directed projection of the lip."

Locus typicus: UCMNPH loc. no. 2142, Two and one-quarter miles NNW of B. M. 1271, Corona sheet.

                     Left side of Silverado, in shales undercut by the stream about 200 feet southeast of the road, California, USA

Stratum typicum: Turonian, Cretaceous


  • Height of type, 27+ mm..


  • Holotype: UCBMP no. 12297 (University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology)

Alaria nodosa Packard, 1922; pl. 36, fig. 5a, b; left paratype, right holotype


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