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Species / Latiala Sigma


Original description by Saul, 1998:

  • "Shell of medium size, stoutly spindle shaped, except for expanded outer lip; whorls about twice as wide as high, nine in large mature individuals, seven in small mature individuals; last whorl approximately two-thirds of shell height; pleural angle about 36; whorl profile on spire nearly flat sided with narrow rounded shoulder; whorl profile of last two whorls rather evenly rounded; varices poorly developed on early whorls; outer lip expanded, tall and broad, subquadrate with very short, blunt anterior and narrow posterior projections; angle of distal edge of outer lip to that of shell axis about 33. Protoconch of four rounded, glossy whorls. Sculpture on winged body whorl of five to seven short axial ribs on dorsal side, on penultimate whorl of about 20 to 30 curved axial ribs and three narrow spiral cordlets at the suture; sculpture on first quarter of first teloconch whorl of fine axial lines, at least eight per 1 mm, axial lines double in size and by third teleoconch whorl are four to 1 mm; second teleoconch whorl with about 40-50 fine axial ribs crossing about 20 spiral cordlets; cordlets weakest mid whorl and strongest posteriorly. Aperture elongate, outer lip not much thickened; inner lip somewhat thickened; rostrum relatively long."

Locus typicus: UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) loc. 5421, Little Cow Creek, south line sec. 9, T32N, R3W, Millville quad., Shasta County, California, USA.

Stratum typicum: Redding Formation, Melton Sandstone, Turonian, Cretaceous.

Type specimens: Holotype LACMIP (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Invertebrate Paleontology) no. 11391. Paratypes LACMIP nos. 11392-11398 from UCLA loc. no. 5421; LACMIP nos. 11399-11401; from CIT (California Institute of Technology) no. 1346, and LACMIP no. 11402 from CIT 1266, all on Little Cow Creek, Redding area, Shasta County, California.

Geographic distribution: Redding Formation, Melton Sandstone, Redding area, Shasta County, California, USA.


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