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Species / Latiala Rostrata


History and Synonymy


Alaria rostrata in Whitfield, 1892, pl. XIV, fig 5, 6 b


Description of Anchura rostrata (Gabb, 1860) in Weller, 1907:

  • "Shell of only moderate size; spire elevated, forming an apical angle of about 35; but somewhat variable in different specimens; whorls about six in number, very slightly convex between the sutures, which are not very strongly marked, and are ornamented by rather closely arranged vertical folds, smaller, more numerous, and more closely arranged on the upper than on the body whorl; those on the last whorl become smaller, shorter, and more indistinct toward the expanded lip, on the back of which they become obsolete; on all the upper whorls the folds extend from suture to suture, but on the last one they are marked only on the upper or larger parts ; outer lip expanded, forming a broad, wing-like extension which is prolonged below along the moderately long rostral beak, and above is extended into an obtusely pointed hook-like process from its outer upper border. This feature I have seen entire only on the type specimen,, though several are before me which show the expansion of the lip. No keel-like ridge marks the back of the lip, as in most of the species of this group from the Cretaceous beds of the Upper Missouri region."

Comment: Description is a copy of Whitfield, 1892

Localities: Matawan, Lenola, Merchantville, Crosswicks and near Haddonfield, all New Jersey, USA

Stratigraphy: Merchantville Formation, lower Campanian, Cretaceous

Anchura rostrata in Weller, 1907, pl. LXXXI, fig 7, 8, 9


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