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Ceratosiphon Gill, 1870:139 type species by monotypy and original designation: Pterocera Moreausiana d'Orbigny, 1843

Original Description of Ceratosiphon by Gill, 1870, 139:

  • "Shell fusi-conic, with the spire considerably elevated, the canal produced into a long digitation recurved towards the left, and the labrum much alated and produced into spiniform digitations. Whorls concave or flat between the angle and suture, spirally striated, and with rib-like angular, median, and anterior fascioles, of which the two former, at least, emit spiniform digitations, the sutural emitting a digitiform canal accumbent on the spire and directed backwards.

The following species belong to Ceratosiphon:

might belong to Ceratosiphon

History and Synonymy


Comment Kollmann, 2005, p. 129:

  • "Ornithopus Gardner, 1875, entre en revanche bien dans la synonymie de Ceratosiphon: contrairement aux espèces de Tessarolax, celles de Ceratosiphon ont les tours de spire anguleux, le dernier tour possédant une large expansion calleuse; leur canal siphonal est long et fortement arqué; leur expansion labrale, assez fortement développée, comporte trois ou quatre lobes, l'adapical attenant à la spire, les deux principaux correspondant au prolongement des carènes du dernier tour et un lobe abapical pouvant jouxter le canal siphonal."


Comment Kollmann, 2009, p. 53:

  • "In Ceratosiphon Gill, 1870, a proximal digitation is developed which emanates from the adapical angulation of the last whorl. It is attached to the spire and surpasses it considerably in height. The generic name Ornithopus Gardner, 1875 is invalid because it is pre-occupied. Cossmann (1904) considers Ceratosiphon Gill, 1870, as a younger synonym of Tessarolax Gabb, 1868. He “supports” this opinion by adding the description of Rostellaria retusa C. Sowerby in Fitton, 1836, which actually is the type species of Ceratosiphon. Cossmann, l. c. was followed by Wenz (1940), Kiel (2006) and Bandel (2007), while Kollmann (2005) considered Ceratosiphon Gill as a valid genus. The shell is broader than in Tessarolax, the inductura does not cover the whole spire, and the digitations are delicate and long. The rostrum may branch, but this is not even consistent on the species level (Kase & Maeda 1980)."

Some of the Ceratosiphon species were formerly placed into Tessarolax, esp. C. moreausianus and C. retusus. Kase & Maeda, 1980 and Kollmann 2005 revised Tessarolax/Ceratosiphon.

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