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Species / Ceratosiphon Becklesi

Ceratosiphon Becklesi


Original Description of Pterocera becklesii in Mantell, 1851, p. 442:

  • "Pterocera becklesii. - The other species, lign.40, in general aspect of the body and spire, resembles P.Fittoni, but the strong carinated ribs of the body-whorl are crenated in the latter, and smooth and sharply-keeled in this shell, which is, moreover, remarkably distinguished from all the allied forms, by the division of the inferior digitation into two distinct processes; one of these is prolonged downwards in a direction nearly continuous with the channel, and the other is recuved upwards. As eight or nine similar specimens have been found, the bifurcation of the inferior digitation is, in all probability, a specific character; if this should prove to be the case, I propose to distinguish the species by the name of the assiduous and accurate observer by whom it was first discovered."

Locus typicus: Atherfield, Isle of Wight, Great Britain

Stratum typicum: Aptian, Cretaceous

Pterocera becklesii Mantell, 1851, p. 443, lign. 40

Ceratosiphon becklesi Mantell, 1851; Holotype; lower Greensand, Aptian, Cretaceous; Atherfield, Isle of Wight, Great Britain; Coll. BM(NH) no. G6982; Copyright BM(NH)

Aporrhais fittoni (Forbes, 1845); Greensand, Barremian, Cretaceous; Atherfield, Isle of Wight, Great Britain; Coll. BM(NH) no. 48826; Copyright BM(NH)

History and Synonymy


Aporrhais moreausiana in Gardner, 1875, pl. VII, fig. 3


Wollemann doubts that Gardners specimen (Gardner, 1875, pl. VII, fig. 3) belongs to Orbigny's moreausiana.


Pchelintsev introduces the name Aporrhais gardneri for Gardners specimen...

  • Comment Ulrich Wieneke: ...which seems to be a junior synonym of Aporrhais becklesi


Lehmann et al., 2012 mention C. becklesi from the early Aptian of Lower Saxony


  • Gardner, 1875
  • JENS LEHMANN,OLIVER FRIEDRICH, DIETER VON BARGEN & THOMAS HEMkER, 2012. Early Aptian bay deposits at the southern margin of the Lower Saxony Basin: Integrated stratigraphy, palaeoenvironment and OAE 1a; Acta Geologica Polonica, Vol. 62 (2012) no. 1, pp. 3562
  • Mantell, 1851
  • Roy, 1994

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