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Species / Graciliala


Type species of Graciliala is Anchura (Drepanochilus) calcaris Wade, 1926.

Original Description of Graciliala by Sohl, 1960:

  • "Shell of medium size; spire high, turriculate; whorls generally 6-8; sides well-rounded ornamented by the fine spiral threads and numerous curved strong tranverse ribs that die out below periphery; aperture elongate and lenticular, acute posteriorly and drawn out to a short, narrow, and tapering spur, grooved interiorly and with a corresponding external ridge that dries out on the body; inner lip with moderately heavy well-defined callus over the entire length."

Graciliala species are

might be a Graciliala


  • from Latin gracilis = slender and ala = wing


  • C.L. Garvie, 2013. Additions to the Molluscan Macrofauna of the Reklaw Formation (Eocene: lower Claibornian) and Two New Taxa from the middle Claibornian in Texas. Bulletins of American paleontology no. 385, p. 131161

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