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Species / Graciliala Campbelli


Original description of Anchura ? campbelli by Stephenson, 1941:

  • "Shell of medium size. Apical angle 50 degrees, decreasing to 30 degrees on the large part of the spire. Whorls 6, each broadly rounded on the side. Protoconch smooth, forming a low spire with about 2 volutions. Axials numerous, closely spaced, rounded on the crests, slightly curved in trend with the concavity toward the front; 24 axials on the penultimate whorl, decreasing to 15 or less on whorls near the apex; an occasional axial is slightly enlarged to form a non-prominent varix. On the body whorl the axials become broader, more prominent, more widely spaced, but weaken toward the aperture and practically fade out just back of the expanded outer lip; these axials also weaken and fade out downward on the base a little below the broadly rounded periphery. The whole surface is covered with fine, closely spaced, almost obscure threads. The aperture is elongated, ending posteriorly in an acute angle, and becoming narrow anteriorly; the siphonal channel is broken away in the available material. The outer lip expands into a spur-like process which bends slightly upward, but the anterior portion is broken away; this lip bears a narrow subangular rib which doubtless continues out toward the tip of the process; the lower part of the outer lip is broken away; the upper part of this lip is moderately thick, and curves upward, joining the side of the whorl about 2 mm. above the suture. The inner lip is broadly excavated below and forms a thin callus spreading forward 2 or 3 mm. on the parietal wall. The columella is not well exposed."

Locus typicus: Corsicana road, 2 miles north of Corbet, Navarro County, Texas, USA

Stratum typicum: Neylandville marl, Navarro Group, Maastrichtian, Cretaceous

Holotype: U.S.N.M. no. 76926; height 22+ mm.; greatest diameter, exclusive of the expanded lip, 10.5 mm.

Etymology: Named after Thomas M. Campbell, Governor of Texas, 1907-1911

Anchura ? campbelli in Stephenson, 1941, pl. 56, fig. 1, 2

  • holotype
  • Image courtesy The University of Texas at Austin


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