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Species / Graciliala Quaasi

Graciliala Quaasi


Original description of Graciliala quaasi by Kiel & Bandel, 2002

  • ”The high spired shell consists of 8-9 whorls and the spire is about one fourth higher than the body whorl. The whorls show 8-9 fine spiral lines and straight axial ribs which turn into strong elongate tubercles on the last two to three whorls. The base bears only growth lines. The outer lip has a keeled wing that is attached to three former volutions of the shell. The holotype is 45 mm high, 29 mm wide and has an apical angle of about 35º.

Locus typicus: Ammonite Hills, Great Sand Sea, Western Desert, Egypt

Stratum typicum: Dakhla Formation, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

Holotype: TUB G 110 (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

Etymology: In honour of Arthur Quaas who was the first to describe fossils from the Ammonite Hills of the Egyptian Western Desert in 1902.

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