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Species / Perissoptera



Original Description of Perissoptera by Tate, 1865 (cited from Gabb, 1868):

  • "Spire elongated, anterior canal moderately short, anterior sinus of varying distinctness, aperture dilated into a nearly entire and broad wing, prolonged into a recurved point; wing applied against the last whorl but one, and not extending on the rest of the spire; the columella lip very callous. The wing is usually more or less entire, and broad, with a recurved point; a few species have the wing narrow, rarely multidigitate. Shell ornamented with transverse costae or tuberculose ribs."

Type species: Rostellaria parkinsoni Mantell, 1822, by subsequent designation, Cossmann, 1904

Species in the genus Perissoptera are

might belong to Perissoptera



  • C.J. del Rio, 2002. Moluscos del terciario marino; XV Congreso Geológico Argentino (El Calafate, 2002), Geología y Recursos Naturales de Santa Cruz - M.J. Haller (Editor), Relatorio, II-9:1-22.

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