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Species / Struthioptera



Original Description of the genus Struthioptera by Finlay & Marwick, 1937, p. 61:

  • "Shell moderate to large, heavily built, spire subequal to aperture in height, whorls strongly tubercular at or below the middle. Body-whorl with a strong basal keel of 2 close ridges weakly but closely tubercular. Wing trapezoidal with thickened reflexed margins and a concave upper margin forming a deep, rounded sinus on the shoulder. Spur sharp but short, the outer margin descending steeply to meet a wide angulation at the end of the basal keel, then lightly curved backwards for an equal distance to meet the extremity of the pillar. The flat portion of the wing, viewed laterally, is oblique to the axis of the spire at an angle of about 30°."

Type species: (by original designation) Arrhoges haastianus Wilckens, 1922

Species of Struthioptera are:


  • R.A. del Valle, F.A. Medina, 1977. Nuevos invertebrados fosiles de Cabo Lamb (Isla Vega) y Cabo Morro (Isla James Ross); Contribuciones del Instituto Antártico Argentino 228: 51-68.
  • Finlay & Marwick, 1937
  • Wilckens, 1922
  • W. J. Zinsmeister (1977). Note on a new occurence of the southern hemisphere aporrhaid gastropod Struthioptera Finlay & Marwick on Seymour Island, Antarctica. Journal of Paleontology 51(2): 399-404.
  • A revision of Struthioptera is found in
  • Stilwell, 2003

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