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Species / Struthioptera Protuberatus


Original description of Aporrhais protuberatus by Stanton, 1901:

  • ”Shell of medium size, rather stout, consisting of six or seven convex whorls, of which the last on approaching the aperture becomes carinate above the middle and flattened below, the carina extending in a curve to the upper extremity of the wing; aperture rather narrow and elongate; outer lip prolonged upward beyond the preceding whorl and produced in a broad, very thick, subquadrate wing, whose outer margin is broadly rounded below and extended above in a short blunt process; inner lip with a heavy callus that forms a subspherical protuberance just above the anterior canal and extends in a thinner deposit over a large part of the spire; anterior canal short, broad and nearly straight, with a slight notch or emargination at the extremity; posterior canal not distinctly developed, but apparently represented by the callus extending up the spire; surface of the spire marked by numerous fine, thread-like, spiral lines, and by rather prominent, slightly curved transverse ribs, with a tendency to form blunt tubercles on the middle of the whorl, giving it a subangular appearance. The transverse ribs nearly or quite disappear from the back of the last whorl when it becomes carinate, and on the front aspect of the shell the sculpture is almost entirely concealed by the callus.”

Locus typicus: Ten miles east of Lake Pueyrrydon, about two miles south of the western border of White Lake, south latitude 47 ̊ 30', west longitude 72 ̊ , Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Stratum typicum: Belgrano Beds, Barremian, Cretaceous.

Aporrhais protuberatus in Stanton, 1901; Pl. VI, fig. 13, 14 and 15


  • Stanton, T.W. 1901. The marine Cretaceous invertebrates, p. 1–43. In W.B. Scott (ed.), Reports of the Princeton University expeditions to Patagonia, 1896–1899. Vol. IV, Paleontology I, pt. I. University of Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Stilwell, 2003

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