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Species / Undoriptera


Original Diagnosis of Undoriptera by Guzhov, 2014, p. 236:

  • "Shells multispiral, with short smooth protoconch and teleoconch covered with collabral and spiral ornamentation. Whorls of teleoconch carinate, with reticular ornamentation on early whorls and prevailing spiral ornamentation on later whorls. Collabral ornamentation reduced to series of tubercles on carina; carina extending approximately in middle of whorl. External lip more or less expanded, having three processes curved slightly posteriorly. From posterior to anterior processes, they usually becoming slightly shorter and wider. Rostrum shaped as crescent, curved opposite to side of processes. Callus absent on surface of last whorl and internal margin of aperture."



  • A.V. Guzhov, 2014. Kimmeridgian–Volgian Aporrhaidae (Stromboidea: Gastropoda) of the Russian Platform, Paleontological Journal, 2014, Vol. 48 no. 3, pp. 234–241, [Paleontologicheskii Zhurnal, 2014 no. 3, pp. 19–26]
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