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Species / Dicroloma


Original Description of Dicroloma by Gabb, 1868:

  • "Elongate, fusiform, anterior canal long and straight, or curved; no posterior canal; outer lip with two (or more?) long, slender, digitate processes."

Type Species of Dicroloma is Pterocera Lorieri d'Orbigny, 1850; subsequent designation most probably by Cossmann 1904: 85. Bajocian, Mid Jurassic, Guéret, Sarthe, France.

The genus Dicroloma contains several species:

might belong to Dicroloma

History and Synonymy

Dicroloma Gabb, 1868

  • syn. Alaria Morris & Lycett, 1850 [non Schranck, 1788]
  • syn. Pterophorus Piette, 1891 [non Geoffroy, 1764]


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