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Species / Dicroloma Playnei


Original Description of Dicroloma playnei by Cox & Arkell, 1950:

  • "In this species the whorls are evenly convex except the last, on which an obtuse carina is developed. In the true R.cirrus the carina is present at a much earlier stage and the apex is more acute. In neither form is the structure of the labrum known, although in the reconstruction given by Deslongchamps the true R.cirrus is represented as having the charcters of a Dicroloma."

Locus typicus: Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire County, South West Region, England

Stratum typicum: Great Oolite, Bathonian, middle Jurassic

Etymology: named after G.F. Playne, whose collection from Minchinghamptom is in the Stroud Museum.



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