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References H

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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  • Fulltext

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O. Hölzl (1958).

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  • Aporrhais cf oxydactylus Sandberger 1863, Aporrhais speciosa Schlotheim 1820, Aporrhais speciosa digitata Roth v. Telegd 1914, Aporrhais speciosa aff. megapolitana Beyrich 1854, Aporrhais speciosa cf unisinuatus Sandberger 1863, Aporrhais tridactylus A.Braun 1875

S. Horiuchi and C. E. Lane (1966).

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  • Strombus gigas Linne, Struthiolaria

R. S. Houbrick (1990).

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  • (No Stromboidea), Strombus agnatus Gmelin 1791, Strombus palustris Linné 1758, Strombus semistriatus Röding 1798, Strombus mangos Röding

P. Huazhang (1991).

  • Marine Late Cretaceous - Early Tertiary Gastropod Fossils from Western Tarim Basin. China.
  • Drepanocheilus sp, Quadrinervus subtilis (Zekeli), Helicaulax cultellus nsp, Helicaulax tarimensis Wei, Helicaulax sp, Perissoptera sp, Colombellina sp, Arrhoges sp, Aporrhais sp, Cyclomolops sp, Digitolabrum sp, Ampogladius sp, Hippochrenes sp

W. H. Hudleston (1887-1896).

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  • Malaptera bentleyi Morris & Lycett 1851, Pterocera bentleyi, Chenopus pictaviensis, Malaptera bentleyi var neglecta, Spinigera longispina Deslongchamps, Spinigera recurva, Spinigera didactyla, Spinigera trinitatis Tawnes 1873, Alaria trinitatis, Rostellaria spinosa Münster, Ranella longispina, Spinigera compressa, Muricida fragilissima Quenstedt, Spinigera crassa, Alaria arenosa, Rostellaria subpunctata, Alaria phillipsii, Alaria angusta, Alaria hamus, Alaria rarispina, Alaria crassicostata, Alaria hortensis, Alaria spinulosa, Alaria unicarinata, Rostellaria hamus, Pterocera hamus, Rostellaria composita, Pterocera phillipsii, Alaria hamus var phillipsii, Alaria seminuda, Alaria hamus var nodosa, Alaria pinguis, Alaria unicornis, Rostellaria unicornis Lycett, Alaria bradfordiensis, Alaria fusca, Alaria dundryensis, Alaria alienigena, Alaria roubaleti var dorsetensis, Alaria roubaleti Schlumberger, Alaria pseudoarmata Hudleston 1884, Alaria armata, Alaria lotharingica Schlumberger 1864, Alaria praelonga, Alaria doublieri d'Orbigny, Pterocera doublieri, Alaria bicarinata, Pterocera (Chenopus) philippi, Alaria myurus, Alaria dubia, Alaria sublaevigata, Rostellaria myurus, Alaria laevigata, Rostellaria trifida, Fusus curvicauda Roemer, Chenopus philippi, Rostellaria bbicarinata, Alaria cochleata, Alaria lorieri d'Orbigny 1850, Alaria gracilis Lycett, Alaria lorieri var gracilis, Alaria pontonis, Alaria pontonis var spinifera, Alaria hamus tricincta, Alaria roubaleti var dimidiata, Alaria primigenia, Alaria spinigera Lycett 1853, Rostellaria spinigera, Alaria solida Lycett 1853, Alaria (Diartema) hamulus, Alaria hamoides, Alaria (Diartema) varicifera, Alaria (Diartema) paradoxa
  • Fulltext

W. H. Hudleston and E. Wilson (1892).

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F. W. Hutton(1882).

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  • Struthiolaria papulosa, Struthiolaria crenulata, Struthiolaria australis
  • Fulltext

F. W. Hutton(1885).

  • New Species of Tertiary Shells. Transaction and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute, 1885, Vol. XVIII, p. 333-335.
  • Struthiolaria calcar, Struthiolaria cincta var calcar, Struthiolaria spinosa, Struthiolari tuberculata
  • Fulltext

F. W. Hutton (1893).

  • On Conchothyra parasitica. Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Vol. 26, 1893, 358-359, 1 plate.
  • Conchothyra parasitica, Pugnellus Conrad
  • Fulltext
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