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Species / Trietteia


Original Diagnosis of the genus Pietteia (Trietteia) by Conti & Szabo, 1987, p. 52:

  • "High spire with blunt apex, carinate slightly convex whorls and periphery. Last aperture moderately enlarged and has two protrusions above the columellar canal. Ornament of spiral threads and collabral riblets on juvenile whorls with spine on carina, only spines on later whorls and only spiral lineation on last whorl."

Types species: Pietteia (Trietteia) trispinigera Szabó, 1983 by original designation.

Trietteia species

might belong to Trietteia


  • Trietteia, Conti & Szabo 1987, Ann Hist-Nat Mus Natl Hung 79

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