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Species / Alarimella


Type species: Aporrhais vetus Packard, 1922 from the Turonian of southern California.

Original Description of the genus Alarimella by Saul, 1998:

  • "A Rimella-like aporrhaid with sculpture of nearly aligned axial ribs and finer spiral cords but with an expanded outer lip. Whorls becoming carinate on body whorl; carina extending along trigonally expanded outer lip; outer lip with a posterior digitation proximal or adnate to the spire; interior of outer lip channeled opposite the carina."

Alarimella species are:


  • Ala: Latin for wing
  • Rimella: a gastropod

History and Synonymy


Bandel, 2007:

  • "Also Alarimella Elder, 1990 [sic!], that was found to have the juvenile ornament of the shell similar to that of Calyptraphorus by Saul (1998) was not confirmed by Kiel & Perrilliat (2001)."


  • Bandel, 2007
  • Kiel, S. & Perrilliat, M. C. 2001: New gastropods from the Maastrichtian of the Mexcala Formation in Guerrero, southern Mexico, part 1: Stromboidea. (With 5 figures); Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, Band 222, Heft 3, pp. 407-426.
  • Saul, 1998

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