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Species / Alarimella Veta


Original description of Aporrhais vetus by Packard, 1922, p. 431:

  • "Shell medium sized, spire high; whorls six or seven; spire whorls convex, regularly curved above and below; suture rather shallow; body whorl large, probably with a short canal; outer lip broadly expanded; margin concave below, terminating in a blunt point at the end of a ridge which originates at the middle of the body whorl. Upper margin of lip extends in an even concave curve nearly to the top of the spire; outer posterior margin of the lip is thickened along the margin of the spire; whorls of the spire ornamented by 8 to 12 transverse ribs and by fine spiral lines; these ribs extend only to the body whorl, which appears to be unornamented except for the angulation that terminates at the apex of the lip."

Locus typicus: UCMNPH loc. no. 2171, “4 miles (6,44 km) SW of Corona, Corona Sheet. At clay mine, 200 feet (61 m.) up the cañon from a cabin” (Packard, 1922), Riverside County, California, USA

Stratum typicum: Turonian, upper Cretaceous


  • Length of holotype, 28+ mm.; diameter of body whorl, 15 mm.; length from the middle of the body whorl, 18 mm.


  • Holotype: UCMP no. 12298 (University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Paleontology)
  • Hypotypes: LACMIP (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Invertebrate Paleontology), no. 11415 from California Institute of Technology (CIT), loc. no. 978 and no. 11416 from CIT 1067; USNM (Unites States National Museum), no. 494820 – 494821 from United States Geological Survey (USGS), loc. no. 2759, all in the Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County, California.

Aporrhais vetus Packard, 1922; Holotype; pl.36, fig.1; type 12298

Alarimella veta (Packard, 1922); Hypotypes;

  • Ladd Formation, Baker Canyon Sandstone Member, Turonian, upper Cretaceous; 35,5 mm; USNM no. 494820 from USGS loc. 2759, near Silverado Canyon, in lower part of Ladd Canyon, Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County, California, USA
  • 37,0 mm; USNM no. 494821 from USGS loc. 11412

Description by Saul, 1998:

  • "Shell medium sized, high spired with pleural angle of about 26°; whorl profile on spire flatly convex becoming angulate on ultimate whorl; suture appressed, shallow; body whorl relatively enlarged with a short, straight rostrum; body whorl carina extending onto expanded, triangulate outer lip of nearly equal height and breidth and having a short posterior digitations at its distal margin; posterior edge of outer lip extended upward along spire to form outer, thicked edge of posterior canal; inner lip thickened and extended to form inner edge of canal along spire; interior of outer lip channelled opposite the carina. Sculpture of spire dominated by straight axial ribs, about 16 per whorl, nearly aligned from whorl to whorl, narrower than the interspaces, axial ribs evanescing on aperture side of ultimate whorl but present on back; spiral sculpture of fine cords on spire and about four posterior to carina on ultimate whorl, nearly affaced on mid whorl, becoming stronger anteriorly, about six on base."


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