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Species / Peruchilus


Original Description of the genus Peruchilus by Olsson, 1931, p. 185 (88):

  • "Shell broadly conic with rapid enlarging, straight-sided or keeled whorls; spire-whorls angled or carinated about the middle or just below; body-whorl with a strong, central keel or ridge bordered anteriorly by a peripheral or basal keel so that on internal molds or weathered specimens, this whorl appears broadly biangulated; sutures linear, straight; base flattened, impressed or concave; anterior canal very short; outer lip wing-like adherent only to the lower quarter or half of the penultimate whorl with a long, pointed, posterior extremity and rounded anterior side; a groove or sinus follows along the posterior side of the expanded lip being the continuation of the medial keel."

Peruchilus species are

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