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Species / Trilemma


  • Aporrhaidae
    • Trilemma Blagovetshenskiy & Shumilkin, 2006

Type species of Trilemma is Aporrhais striatocarinata Sinzow, 1880

Original description of Trilemma by Blagovetshenskiy & Shumilkin, 2006:

  • "Fusiform shells of medium size, with bicarinate whorls, smooth (not tuberculate) carinae, and poorly developed axial ornamentation. Aperture with robust, downwardly curved rostrum. Winglike extension of palatal margin of aperture with three sickle-shaped processes of narrowly elongated or, more rarely, broadly elongated, flattened shape. Posterior process and adapical spire whorls coalesced to a greater or lesser extent."

Trilemma species are:

  • Trilemma kremekense Blagovetshenskiy, 2012
  • Trilemma polivnense Blagovetshenskiy, 2012
  • Trilemma russiense Blagovetshenskiy & Shumilkin, 2006
  • Trilemma striatocarinatum (Sinzow, 1880)
  • Trilemma tenuicarinatum Blagovetshenskiy, 2012


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