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Species / Helicaulax


Original Description of Helicaulax by Gabb, 1868:

  • "Shell like Anchura, but with a long posterior canal ascending the spire to near the apex, usually deflected near its extremity; inner lip usually heavily encrusted, the callus sometimes extending some distance up the spire."

Type species of Helicaulax is Rostellaria ornata d'Orbigny, 1843, by subsequent designation (Cossmann, 1904).

Species of the genus Helicaulax:

Unknown species:

might belong to this genus

Synonymy and History


Diagnosis of Helicaulax by Sohl, 1960, p. 103:

  • "Medium-sized high-spired apporhaid; whorls well rounded and ornately sculptured by both transverse and spiral elements; transverse ribs commonly noded on body; aperture subovate, produced to a moderately long and narrow anterior canal; posterior canal reflexed, elongate, and adnate to spire; outer lip flaring; upper edge curves up and tapers to a spike; inner lip heavily calloused."


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