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Species / Helicaulax Condoniana


Original Description of Anchura condoniana by Anderson, 1902, p. 76:

  • "Shell large, robust, with high spire; whorls about eight in number, moderately rounded; surface of spire ornamented by twenty or more longitudinal ridges; body-whorl entirely covered by longitudinal and revolving ridges equally developed; lip long and falcate, extending laterally, but bearing a spur-like process near the spire; lip strongly angled along the back, with angle extending upon the body-whorl; lip also bearing an angle on its outer margin."

Locus typicus: Forty-nine Mine, near Phoenix, Jackson County, Oregon

Stratum typicum: lower Chico beds, lower Campanian, upper Cretaceous

Anchura condoniana Anderson, 1902, pl. VIII, fig. 179

History and Synonymy


Anchura (Helicaulax) condoniana in Saul & Popenoe, 1993, p. 355, figs. 3-10


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